Thursday, 30 July 2009

Los Abrazos Rotos by P. Almadovar

Watched "The Lost Embraces" recently. Almadovar is his amazing genius self, even if this work was a bit different from the previous ones.

The film leaves a very subtle aftertaste, nothing dramatic but still powerful - it sort of sinks into you. I found it more mature than his other films - less kitch and even sex looks so realistic it's almost ugly.

The reason I love maestro Almadovar is simple - if others try to create an illusion of life and let you escape, he conciliates you with it. Most astonishing, terrible, disgusting things look so normal - exactly the way they are in reality. Plus all the beauty hooks like red tomatoes with tears for a gaspacho with a sleeping pill, red heels, photoes with accidental people full of meaning.

I was touched by his own story - a trip to Cannes and a mysterious couple on the beach - the story he told. People in the cinema cried watching the blind love-lost film director. Same people laughed a second later watching a scene from "Chicas y Maletas" - a story of two girlfriends with bad boyfriends, a suitcase full of coke and a smoking bed. "Fire purifies"...

And the little script about vampires and sex with a vampire girl in muzzle. Not sure, but it sounded like a hint on Twilight to me :))

Curious thing, I can't watch his films again on purpose, like other entertaining stuff, but if I stumble on it and start - it's impossible to stop...just like delicious gaspacho with a pill :)

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