Sunday, 13 June 2010

Joga by Bjork and the script

My short film script is long time written and lying there waiting to be rewritten now. "The Photographer" isn't inspiring much any more, its characters asleep - Xenia half-frozen with her own photo in hand, Eric not decided if he's gay or not, and the photographer stuck in her darkroom by the wall of obsession. The French boutique is closed and women in the art gallery are faiding in the air.

One thing that gave it all life was this song - the earlier vesion of Bjork's "Joga" that I found online. Apparently, it was devoted to her friend who's name was Joga. I think the ealier lyrics are much better but Bjork knows what she's doing :)

Early lyrics for "Joga"

When I've lost my cards, you deal
Me another hand
Even when I sleep, you're real
On your way to me
You don't have to speak - I feel
This strengh I get from you
I rest my head in your hands
But when I leave, I leave you only to
Give out to the others, this:
State of emergency...

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  1. Start writing'll come back to life....!