Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Creative Writing Course - Day 2 - Elements

First assignment for the new day was devoted to elements. Fire, Water, Air or Earth. Pick one and describe your associations or feelings or whatever comes into your mind.

As usual, pre-coffee assignments don’t go well for me. I have to put a coma or pause every time I think of coffee, so it turns into enumeration. I pick the element that is closest to my nature, most represented in my astrological birth chart (skeptics roll eyes at this point) and generally associates with my Leo sign.


Sun, warmth, red, orange, yellow.
Burn, passion, temper, heat, cosines, rage, blood.
Flamenco, strike, beat, willpower, strength.
Male element, no limit, love, addiction, pride, energy, ambition.

Fiery mood is the one that makes me feel the best when positive. It is the energetic one that makes me do things, want things, accomplish things. For me, it has an immediate association with dancing – it is the initial passion for something that later develops into a project (or not), through work and determination. Fire is a good energy but the one that has to be controlled. Uncontrollable fire burns everything, moderate – warms and lasts longer. (Same to be said about love, I suppose.)

To me it is the moment an idea lights up inside, the moment of inspiration – it almost always involves passion for something. For some reason, I can’t think of fire as anger, rage or jealousy although a hot temper includes those. I think fire can be different colours – form warmer yellow to burning dark red or even black. It is not always obvious either – sometimes fire is a stronger when concealed.

(Re-read. First though – duuuuh, very original. Off to get coffee.)

Notes on Narration:

- Narrator should always be a character for your story but he doesn't have to be present in it.

- Narrator can be anyone - a liar, slanting the truth, an indifferent observer etc.

- Narrator does not have to be you.

- Dialogue should be there to further develop the plot. It is either consistent or none at all. Don't add dialogue (or any other element) just to liven up a boring story.

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