Thursday, 29 July 2010

Creative Writing Course - Day 2 - Fairy Tales

After lunch was devoted to talking about fairy tales. We were advised to take one we like the most and revamp it, turn it into a poem, make it into comedy or just change in any possible way.

For some reason, I always thought that some fairy tales were just good cover up for the reality people lived in. So, Beauty and the Beat, for instance, is just an allegory for forced marriages in the past. Typical story of some poor ‘beauty’ married off to a rich old ‘beast’ by her parents, who promise her that eventually he will turn into a prince if she’s patient and obedient. This made me think of a variation of this fairy-tale.

Imagine a 9 year old girl who tells you – “My mommy is a feminist. I’m 9 but I know what it means. She is a very modern and progressive feminist. She wears a bra, works as a CEO and has a minor in psychology”. So, how would this type of mother tell her daughter a bed-time story about ‘beauty and the beast’?

This idea also reminded me of a series of photos I found recently by Dina Goldstein. “The Fallen Princesses” is a great series on what would’ve happened in modern life after the ‘lived happily ever after’.

And, of course, there is a completely opposite, sugar-rosy Hollywood approach by Anni Leibovitz, whose photos look more like digital work in photoshop but she’s still a famous photographer for being able to get close to celebrities’ bodies.


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