Sunday, 28 November 2010

The glass is always fuller on the other side

On long evenings and waitings, what-ifs and would-yous.

Evening in a pub

Pool table
Green velvet
Six mince pies
And two leather gloves

Nerves stable
One big secret
White lies
And a bit of scrub

Tea finished
Evening dragging
You are still working
And warm fire in the pub

Looking over
Through my hair
Will you notice
Will you?

Pool Table

Three colours on green
Red, White and Yellow
Chasing each other
Pushed by thin wood
Hitting and hurtling
Into the depth
Of fishnet.

Perfume by Graziela Genoves

Would you?

If I were a sailor 
Would you sail away with me? 
To fish selfishly by the foreign shores
Never thinking or caring 
About those left behind.

Chipping away and rusting
Frying and scrubbing 
And singing while fishing
Selfishly at my shore.

Would you smell the snail-like
Smell of stale water, 
Smile and smudge the soles
Of your feet in fresh mud?

Would you drag along
With the lazy dragonflies,
Dreamy and dreary
Drapped in long grass?

Would you tan in the sun, 
Turning over and timing, 
And trailing light traces
On your tight arms?

Would you frown by the fire
At the fog and the mist, 
Picking frail fried fillets
With your thin fingers?

Would you watch the reflections
Rippling on my palms
From each round stone
Plunged into the water?

Would you move with me
Marked by the moonlight,
Mared by maroon shadows,
Where the boats are moored?

Would you do all that 
If I were a sailor?
Would you do all that
If I were a man?