Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Renaissance woman...back to the studio!

So, we are back. We, Henry the Eighth...

This time I have a good enough excuse for not writing. I've been actually DOING things, not just talking about doing them. Of course, I've been doing them in the way I know - by pretending to be a Renaissance woman - trying to write, paint, dance and photograph all at once, and failing miserably.

So, let's see...Since before Christmas last year I've done some things (in panic to finish my year on a good note) and tried some things for the first time as well.

- I have finish my writing workshop with Chris Binchy (the nephew of the apparently really famous writer) which was both great and devastating at times, but gave me a good kick to start doing regular writing and work on finishing it. It also helped me realise that, although the writing I do is a bit strange, it's not all that bad and my fears of being inadequate are groundless. Having English is a second language is not an excuse either.
It now turned into a little writing group, which I tried to organise for the sole purpose of having a discipline and a deadline. It might benefit others who seem to be struggling with the same who-the-fuck-cares-about-my-writing syndrome.

- I've discovered some new music for jogging and for inspiration - Anna Aaron, Leslie Feist, Sinead Lohan, Anthony and the Johnsons (Anthony Hegarty's voice is divine), some new Kate Bush stuff, Lana Del Ray, Jaime Nanci and the Blue Boys (a jazz/blues Irish band)

- I cooked sushi and mulled wine for the Christmas dinner, mastered my oven and learned to make the Irish roast thingy local people seem to hold so dear, croissants, tarts and pies all suitable for lactose intolerant people. Now, I'm officially a good-daughter-in-law type of girl. Mom would be proud...

- I started contributing short sports/outdoorsy profile pieces to the Sunday Business Post and I'm even getting paid for it. I'm still doing reviews for Le Cool Dublin online magazine, for the sake of art, culture and to stay sane. And, there is a new exciting project coming up - a US alternative magazine Gothla where I should have a column on i-don't-yet-what-kind of performing arts.

- I joined the Dublin Camera Club. This was also the first time when I got a nerve to bold and offer myself as a model in return for help and tuition. So far, it's working out ok and my mathematically challenged mind is finally getting over the fear of numbers and technical terms.
The club actually deserves a post of its own, because it's not just one of the best in Ireland, it does have a good structure, easy classes and some members who are willing to help. For the first time since doing photography in college, I could go through my hard drive, pick out something, re-edit and actually like it. The dance modeling bit was scary, interesting and, in a way, good for my self-councisous mind. I have learned that I have no confidence but great cheek bones...

- I had a job interview with Google which felt like my theoretical grammar exam in college and taught me a valuable lesson about myself, my achievements and desires for the future, as well as gave me an idea for what kind of job I do and don't want to have. It didn't get me a job in Google. But I keep searching.

- Surprisingly to myself, I got back into dancing, mainly because our friends-the-musicians AMOON wrote some great tunes and I just couldn't resist dancing to those. Also, Goulash Disco parties seem to be a bit addictive to perform at, even if noisy and filled with randy teenage males. It seems silly now to stop something I've wasted devoted over eight years of my life on, so I'll keep dancing while my knees hold.

- Jogging is a pleasure now. This month it's officially a year since I made my first run around the block. I had to stop every ten meters and nearly puked my guts out when I finally crawled home. Now I can do 6km without much effort and 9km on a good day. Not to mention having ankles for the first time in my life and being able to wear skinny jeans with boots. Running is like drugs and I love getting high. (All thanks to my wonderful Canadian chiropractor who hooked me on it).

- On the inspirational side of things...I've started to draw little doodles and things again. Hopefully, soon I'll have the balls to make a bigger piece. I've been reading some great stuff by Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, Terri Pratchett and discovered Margaret Atwood (I lived on Mars before). And I've been stalking Alan Rickman again on facebook while he plays Leonard the creative writing teacher in Theresa Rebeck's new Broadway play Seminar. How I wish I lived in New York...

And now, like a proper Renaissance woman, I'm off to do my writing homework, enjoy the Valentine's chocolates and watch Slings and Arrows, one of the funniest and smartest series about Shakespeare's plays.

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